The Beaver Lodge Variety Show

Friday, January 17th at 10:30pm

at Hey Nonny in Arlington Heights

What if a pack of mouthy, horny women were putting on a show for each other in a long-ago faraway space — what would you call it?  Hostess-with-the-mostess Nicole Frydman calls it Beaver Lodge.  Think of the Dotty Ms. Frydman as a combination of Bette Midler, Cher, Ms. Maisel, and Shotgun Annie.   You’re invited to pull your Adirondack chair up close to the fire with a glass of something strong (you’ll need it!) while Nicole Frydman wrangles her saucy crew through that stampede of sassy tunes, comedy, and zippy repartee known as the Beaver Lodge Variety Show.  Women will love it; men will be abused. .. uh … we mean ‘amused.