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About Nicole

Nicole's life as a performer started in a pre-school dance class at age 2. One Christmas Pageant performance later and she was hooked. She then begged her parents for every class and performing opportunity that was available and they gladly schlepped her around town, always her biggest fans. From dance studio shows, to choir performances, to children's theatre programs, to school plays, Nicole couldn't get enough.

Cut to age 18 when she went on a trip to NYC with her high school drama program. There she saw her first Broadway shows and it was exactly the kind of candy store this kid never wanted to leave. One snowy night she was hovering by the backstage door and out popped Chita Rivera. The legend of stage and screen stayed and talked to this small band of high school theatre nerds for some time - encouraging them, cheering them on, and telling them the kind of grit it takes to be involved in this business. Nicole will never forget that kindness and inspiration.

Today she's thrilled by each and every chance she gets in front of an audience. From big houses to small, from the classics to originals, from work with long-time friends to brand new collaborators, all Nicole wants is more. As she likes to say: "Being a performing artist isn't what I do, it's who I am. Without it, I'm incomplete. Plus, ya know, it's kinda fun."

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