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Buddy: The Buddy Holly Story - Metropolis Performing Arts Centre

"Along the way we get a behind-the scenes glimps of recording sessions with record producer Norman Petty (David Gordon-Johon) and his musician-wide Vi (and engaging Nicole Frydman, whose contribution to the sweet-sounding hit "Everyday" is one of the show's loveliest moments)."

 - Barbara Vitello, Daily Herald

Spamalot - Contra Costa Civic Theatre

"But obviously we're nowhere without Nicole Frydman as the spotlight-hogging Lady of the Lake. There were no women in the old Python crew, but we see here they really could have used one."

 - Adam Brinklow, Edge Media Network

Chicago - Pacific Coast Repertory Theatre

"Nicole Frydman (Velma) has a powerful, beautiful voice, is a superb dancer, and one heck of an actress. While Joy Sherratt is superb in her role as Roxie, equally attractive and talented, it is Frydman who really steals the show."

 - Charles Jarrett, For All Events

Anything Goes - Willows Theatre

"Nicole Frydman steals the show as the sassy, sexy lounge singer Reno Sweeney"

 - Elizabeth Warnimont, Benecia Herald

Most Happy Fella - 42nd Street Moon

"Nicole Frydman made the perfect Cleo, with a wide Texas drawl and a huge belter voice. She filled “Ooh! My feet!” with expressive squeaks and grunts without detracting from the melody. She was also responsible for most of the show’s laughs, thanks to her characterful delivery of disbelieving asides and mouthed insults"

 - Ilana Walder-Biesanz, Stark Insider

Most Happy Fella - 42nd Street Moon

"Nicole Frydman and Robbie Rescigno are comic delight as Cleo and Herman..."

 - Leslie Katz, SF Examiner

Assassins - Bay Area Musicals

"Performance highlights include... DC Scarpelli’s intense-but-lost Leon Czolgosz sharing a poignant moment with Nicole Frydman’s warm-heartedly pragmatic Emma Goldman;"

 - Robert Sokol, SF Examiner

City of Angels - San Francisco Playhouse

"Understudy Nicole Frydman (Gabby/Bobbi/Angel City 4) got the nod to go on for her triple-duty track the evening I attended the production and performed them all with graceful ease. “What Do You Know About Women,” showcases Frydman and Hafen’s comedic talents and flashy vocals, and Frydman continues with an elegant performance of her Act One ballad, “With Every Breath I Take,” setting up a beautiful reprise in duet form opposite Dahlquist in Act Two."

 - Marc Gonzalez, The Road to 1,000

How to Succeed... - Bay Area Musicals

"The featured players are spot-on, from the booming voice and massive stage presence of Kirk Johnson as Mr. Biggley, to the very funny and wise cracking Nicole Frydman as Smitty. Frydman is featured in “Been A Long Day” and is excellent"

 - Vince Mediaa, VMedia Backstage

Forbidden Planet - Curtain Theatre

"But the soulful belting of Nicole Frydman's blasé science officer makes for a powerful "Go Now" and a lively duet of "It's a Man's World" with Williams's Captain Tempest"

 - Sam Hurwitt, Marin Independent Journal

Rags - Willows Theatre

"Nicole Frydman... does amazing things in the role of Bella... Frydman is vibrant in this production, so it hits the audience hard when you see the sparkle leave her eyes as she’s “imprisoned” into a life of what her father thinks is safe and best for her."

 - Kevin M. Thomas, Progressive Pulse

Rent - Palo Alto Players

"Nicole Frydman as Maureen and Victoria Morgan as Joanne bring down the house through the sheer power of their singing... Frydman brings loads of humor and knowing performance-art parody to “Over the Moon”... But it’s the duet between Frydman and Morgan in Act 2, “Take Me or Leave Me,” that took my breath away."

 - Ben Marks,

Nick and Nora - 42nd Street Moon

"It is Nicole Frydman as much put upon blonde Lorraine Bixby who steals parts of the show."

 - Kedar Adour, For All Events

How to Succeed... - Bay Area Musicals

"Nicole Frydman, as Smitty, matches Chloe Condon’s Rosemary, megawatt for megawatt. Their equal alignment boosts every song they sing together."

 - Cy Ashley Webb, Stark Insider

...Spelling Bee - Bay Area Musicals

"Nicole Frydman, while nasally Midwestern as Rona Lisa Peretti, showcases her beautiful vocals when she changes into Olive’s mother for a daydreaming scene."

 - Alice Cheng, Theatrius

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